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Mixed Alloys Baton Rouge

Photo of mixed round bar alloys.

For over thirty years, Specialty Alloys has provided the petrochemical industry and others with quality ferrous and nonferrous metal products. Well known along the entire gulf coast as well as other regions for our ability to find those elusive, hard to find items, our reputation has continued to grow. With the understanding that each customer is unique with different needs, timetables and delivery schedules, we strive to tailor each account to those needs.

Aubrey Brumfield started Specialty Alloys, Inc. in 1979 with many years of sales experience under his belt and a great deal of knowledge about the metal industry. The company began with a small inventory, but a very large customer base. Although the building was old and the inventory small in the beginning, Aubrey’s knowledge of the products and the relationships he had built with the initial customer base proved to be solid stepping stones to the company Specialty Alloys has become. In 2012, we moved into it’s new offices and warehouses affording our customers a seamless transition with no down time.

In recent years, Aubrey’s son Jason has joined the company bringing with him over a decade of sales experience. In addition, he brought a new, fresh approach to sales and customer service; and together, they offer their customers over fifty years of combined sales experience. They provide the specialized knowledge, industry expertise, personalized customer service, timely delivery and the 24/7 availability that customers have come to depend on.

We are here for our customers even during severe weather events as we were during Hurricane Gustav and other storms. Customers have come to depend on the fact that we have and always will find a way to stay connected and serve them during difficult times no matter what it takes.

Specialty Alloys has maintained strong relationships with an extensive range of suppliers and fabricators as well as specialized delivery services to meet all location and timeframe needs. Our company continues to look forward to serving our present customers and welcoming new ones.




  • Specialized knowledge and industry expertise
  • Personalized customer service
  • Timely delivery
  • Available 24/7


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